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TitleTHRFIT by coldbr3w

Hank and Jacob had a lazy dumb Sunday with not much going on. And neither of them could decide on something to do. See a movie? Nah, nothing worth the twelve bucks. Go to the pier? Too crowded and so many tourists on the weekends. After a while and out of sheer boredom and frustration of not wanting to waste a whole day before having to get back to work and school the next day they decided, hey why not just for the Hell of it check out that one thrift store that has that eyesore of a sign. That one that looks like the 80's barfed all over it.
The two drove down and just burn some time they went into the store, oh so "humorously" named "Route Thrifty-Five" (the joke is because it's adjacent to freeway 55). Hank and Jacob walked in and pretty much the place confirmed what they always expected the inside to be every other time they drove by it. Generic grey carpet with multiple spots and stains that have happened over the years, a couple walls painted beige, and the back wall just brick, that weird smell of dust and old people, and Mountains and Mountains of old clothes, books, and load of other forgotten relics all discounted to arbitrary numbered prices but still not worth buying the crap. The two sighed but didn't mind the bit of entertainment seeing all the obsolete VCRs and random "as seen on TV" products that were useless even when they were new.
The two of them kept trying to one-up each other on finding the more ridiculous or most tacky thing in the store. Jacob put on early 90's ski goggles, then Hank put on a thick scarf that was like colored-diarrhea as a pattern. The two just kept messing around with the stuff, almost annoying one of the store clerks as they keep giggling to each other on the dumbest things, like 70's workout video tapes with horribly awkward looking photos on the back of the box. Eventually Hank finally went further with a joke and took his shirt off. Jacob stood there, now feeling a little awkward about their antics but then Hank told Jacob to turn around for second.
Jacob turned around then Hank tapped on his shoulder, he turned back and saw Hank wearing a ridiculous leopard-print bra.

Bra1 by coldbr3w

Hank started to do poses, over-acting like he was flirting rubbing his man-boobs and showing off his gut. Jacob thought it was hilarious for how dumb it was as Hank jiggled. After some of the old people shopping started to stare and look offended, Jacob started to nudge Hank and told him to take it off and put his shirt back on. "I think we had enough time wasting here, we should go dude".
As Hank moved his arms back to take off the bra he started to struggle, to unhook it.
"Um...I think it's stuck...these dumb things are...ugh so tricky..."
Jacob chuckled "Oh, you need Help, GurrrlFriend?" he said teasingly.
"Oh...c'mon this is's like digging in my back..."
Jacob rolled his eyes "psh...ok geez....calm down Drama Queen..."

Bra2 by coldbr3w

As Jacob moved towards Hank to attempt to untangle or whatever with the bra Hank's body quickly had a muscle spasm then proceeded with a weird stomach gurgle. "Ow...ugh why do I hurt so...hey....the hell?"
The two looked and noticed Hank's gut seemed to disappear suddenly. Hank felt up his stomach to confirm he wasn't seeing things, and Jacob wasn't seeing things. The two guys stood there baffled.
Jacob proceeded to attempt to work the back of the bra, but it felt like a vicegrip on how it wouldn't come apart.
"Dude! This is Really Weird!!" Hank said in a panicked tone.
"I Know..I don't know what's up...but...uh hey, you're not a fat ass anymore...?"

Bra3 by coldbr3w

As the two tried to have a sigh of relief from the weird moment, again Hank had a weird painful spasm. And then in front of his eyes, his chest plumped out into massive breasts. "Oh What the F- THIS IS ISN'T COOL!!!"
Jacob looked, this time more suspicious. Hank has always been a prankster type, maybe this is some dumb joke of his he put on. This thrift store idea WAS his suggestion first. "Ok this is some BS, those are fake, and what weird crap is this? You putting me on with this?"
"No?! Why would I? Where's the Joke?!!"
Jacob now a bit irritated rolled his eyes. "These are....i don't know...fake inflatable tits...and your pranks do get Pretty stupid..."
Jacob reached over and grabbed one of the boobs expecting to feel a plastic surface and deflate it but then was disturbed to feel it was Actual real flesh. As he grabbed Hank moaned strangely euphorically.
Jacob stood there, frozen as he watched his friend continue to act weird, pant a bit, grip himself as he continued to slowly change in size and shape.
Hank's body became much slimmer and softer. And his paleness became a bit brown. His short dirty brown hair started to tint lighter and lighter. His hips widened, and his pants even changed going from khaki shorts into stretchy form-fitting pants. Hank continued to pant, his normal voice slowly became softer and not as deep.

Bra4 by coldbr3w

Jacob stared as his friend really without a doubt has been morphing into a chick. Hank's facial expression were confusing going form horror to pleasure at random.
Bra5 by coldbr3w

The girlish form of Hank felt her body up as it continued to change. Jacob stared at the surreal event. He tried to get his/her attention but she went into a weird state of trance as the changes As her hair grew longer and became blonde in color, and clothes change color and even an outfit seemed to will itself from nowhere on to her body. Hank looked totally different, now a busty blonde, still with the leopard-print bra on showing her cleavage, purple yoga-pants, and pink heels. This was not Hank at all.
She looked down and was entertained looking at herself, adjusting her bra. Jacob wanted to say something but no words came out.

Bra6 by coldbr3w

The girl's body became even more tanned, the hair extremely blond, and then make up and jewelry appeared on her body. All of which she seemed delighted by as she giggled to herself.
Jacob still scared by this event and how seemingly no one else is noticing made it even stranger. As he tried to gain the courage to vocalize any words to anyone, the girl looked up and the two made eye contact.

Bra7 by coldbr3w
"Oh Hiiiii~ So're into thrift store shopping? I think it's like Totally awesome to find stuff for cheap, y'know and that you can have a style with it, like 80's n stuff."
Jacob stood there just so thrown off. This lady in front of him is a total airhead. But at the same time she was formerly his friend. And they did drive up here in one car. So conflicted but such a weird dilemma.
Jacob shook it off and responded "Oh...well I'm not into thrift store stuff, not my taste, I came here with you-er For you..?"
The girl stood there and blinked then laughed "OH!! Pshh wow, Totally spaced out!! Yeah, Yeah, wow...wake up Hilda!! that means um...You me some stuff...?~ Pwease?"
Jacob stared at her, this total bimbo in such a gaudy yet revealing outfit. "Yeah, totally why not? heheheh...just a few things..."
Hilda delighted squealed and ran over to the dresses and began to pile a few up, then threw them at Jacob.
"...What...did....I get myself Into?!"


Here's one thing I had 75% done so I finally finished it up. So here's something for the time being.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Great story.
forgottenone666 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016
"...What...did....I get myself Into?!"

I could think of worse fates than having your friend turn into your bimbo girlfriend. =P (Razz) 
Regreme Featured By Owner Edited Oct 26, 2016
lol Would love to see the aftermath of this.^^ Maybe he could see about tricking others into wearing her 'bra'. XD Hmm... wonder if the results would change if he painted the bra's outer surface different colors or something? Like, painting it black and white could cause a maid result, while still being as buxom and easy to trick due to the victim's mind having just been formed. Like, say, words spoken to the victim while they change would effect the results or something.
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